Friday, July 22, 2011

I Say a Little Prayer


Before heading back to the glorious United States of America we had a full free day in Germany and our host sister, Sarah and her boyfriend, Andreas, took Carole and I to the city of Augsburg!  Andreas is actually from the city and his mother (with impeccable English) was our tour guide for the day!!

Our first stop was the world’s oldest—and still operational, mind you—social housing complex in the world, the Fuggerei.  According to Wikipedia’s page on the subject:

The rent was and is still one Rheinischer Gulden per year (equivalent to 0.88 euros), as well as three daily prayers for the current owners of the Fuggerei - the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, and the Nicene Creed. The conditions to live there remain the same as they were 480 years ago: one must have lived at least two years in Augsburg, be of the Catholic faith and have become indigent without debt. The five gates are still locked every day at 10 PM.  The doorbells have elaborate shapes, each being unique, dating back to before the installation of streetlights when residents could identify their unit by feeling the handle in the dark.

2011-07-13 17.38.56  2011-07-13 17.59.23


One of the community’s most notable residents was that of Franz Mozart, grandfather of Wolfy and father of Leopold, another resident of Augsburg for a spell.  The Fuggerei has left his old place much like it would have been in his day as a part of the museum.

2011-07-13 17.41.52

Andreas and Sarah in front of #14!


2011-07-13 17.50.28 

Kitchen (duh)


2011-07-13 17.49.32

Living room… don’t forget to pray for Herr Fugger or you’ll be EVICTED!!!


2011-07-13 17.53.25  2011-07-13 17.52.38

Bedroom and entry way.  Why is ALL of Europe too small for me!?!?!


And now for some other buildings that are important but I can’t exactly remember what they are for:

2011-07-13 18.22.05


2011-07-13 18.18.50

Those cow skull motifs are right out of the Texas national architecture playbook!!! That’s right I said national!


Besides being home to some of ol’ Mozart’s relatives, Augsburg is also the birthplace of poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht. 

2011-07-13 18.14.38

Name not necessarily ringing a bell?  He collaborated with Kurt Weill on The Three Penny Opera, which provided the world with the song “Mack The Knife.”  And now my favorite version, dedicated to my friend Jeremy!!

It’s a surprise hit!!


Artist: Aretha Franklin/ Album: 30 Greatest Hits

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